Animal Speaks

Out across these night skylights
Down to the doorway
Wide eyed blues
Imersed in the lewd perfume
Is some woman in the room?
Somewhere in this room
Watching you where you feel the way you walk that down
Knowing about turning heads
But pretending not to know
what it's all about

But it's about how you move me
and how I'd like to make you feel

Put it in your mind straight
So you know what I am
Know what I am
And livin' fast as I can
And no one will save me if I cannot save myself
It's in my mind sometimes at night
As I wait
for daylight
for you

Eye to eye The feeling rushes inside
My eyes go wide
then look away
They already feel
what's left to say is straight to you
Does the desperation show? up in my mind
sometimes at night
I wait
for daylight
But nothing is said
She's wound too tight
Strangers been talking pretending to know me
Do you believe every lie they see
Like I think all the women want me
People all over town
Been rippin' me up
And tearin' me down
Well I caught you inside my glance
Will you move me the way you dance?

It's about how you move me
And how I'd like to make you feel

You're in my mind sometimes at night
When I wait
for the daylight

And I wait
Eye to eye

Copyright 1970 Robert J. Kidney, Jr.
Notes: Animal Speaks About the Eye Game are two seperate songs played as one. When performed live, it was an eight minute rhythm and horn section extravaganza that sent dancers whirling into a frenzy, and left observers emotionaly naked. The excitement is captured only vinyl...on the Jimmy Bell album released in 1975.

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