Deaf In The Mind

Seeing Down, in the face
That floats upon the wine,
Then on down to the space,
between two feet, saying:
"Time is almost gone,
I feel too late grown.
Damn on this death bone.
This is the day!"
Gonna get done with it
Down in it

Reach out of reach
Can't stand being;

Deaf in the mind

All the high school kings
Stand around a lot
Talk sidewalk
But when they're out on it
And they eat a lot of it
they cry, "I'm burried!"
"I'm burried!"
"I feel burried!"
They want born again
On the run
from and to some Underground
But when it gets too real
When their suicide collides like two trains that miss
When they stand between the tracks and they cannot choose which

Blinding screaming tears turn to mist in the wind But a cat caught by the street said, "See deep into the sky If you need joy you'll have to cry, This is the day!" Gotta get down in it Done with it Reach out, Reach Can't stand being Deaf in the mind

Copyright 1986 Robert J. Kidney, Jr.
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