Date: Thur, 6 April 2000 OK, this is a true story. I have been a fan of 15-60-75 since 1975 when I bought "Jimmy Bell's still in town" on vinyl at Record Revolution on Coventry Road. Until the "Pretenders" show at the Akron Civic on February 28th, I had never seen the band live! Even though at one time or another I have owned every one of your releases ( including Golden Palominos ). Throughout the 70's and mid 80's it seemed that you had a pretty regular gig at the Euclid Tavern on Saturday nights. I always meant to go, I just never did. About a year ago I was "surfing the net" and came across your website. I discovered that you were playing at the Diamondback Brewery on Prospect in Downtown Cleveland and my buddy Phil and I made the trek. Well we had a snowstorm that afternoon and the band stayed home.I kept checking back on the web page for a new Cleveland date and there never was one. I picked up my copy of Jimmy Bell on CD (#0003) it sounds GREAT. I didn't expect to see you and Jack onstage at the Civic... the adverts said Gay Dad was opening so we dragged our feet and arrived late ( caught the last 1 1/2 numbers) It was a thrill for me to see you guys after all this time. Since then you have played twice at Shingo Cantina and once at The Roadhouse. I've been there every night with my friend Phil (brought my youngest son Ben to the Roadhouse) I'm blown away by your music. Your CD's are very good , but they can't begin to hint at the power of The Numbers in the live arena. I'm very happy that you've had the perseverance to stay together for nearly 30 years. I hope to be able to come and enjoy your music for many years to come and I am proud to count myself " among the wandering " Someday I'll even summon up enough nerve to start a conversation with you. We'll be "bringing the wives" to the gig at Fat Fish Blue in August. I'm not sure they'll like the music "too edgy" but they're wondering what all the fuss is about. You see my buddy Phil lives in Mentor, I live on the near west side of Cleveland and we've been like kids planning these near weekly pilgrimages south to the Akron / Canton / Kent area for our fix. Your songs are very riveting your delivery is very unique, but let me tell you about that vehicle that's driving those songs....... Man, that is one well oiled, fine-tuned machine Frank and Frank keep propelling it forward and the combination of harp and / or horns takes those curves without the slightest wavering in the wheel. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you have gained a few more fans. I appreciate your stance and attitude and your observations on this life. Sincerely, Joe Broslawik
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