Somebody Shot Him

Somebody shot him clean through the head.
Somebody shot him and they left him for dead.
Nobody knows him never seen him around.
Another nobody, dead on the ground.
Did they shoot him for money, was it just out of greed?
If they had to get even, did they get what they need?
A thrill for the evening, a couple of bucks?
A face full of cocaine, or an arm full of junk?
Did it vanquish an anger? Did it settle the score?
Did he know what had hit him as he slid down the door?
Did his soul leave his body and fly through the sky,
or lay there and wait till it was sure that he'd die?
Somebody saw it from beginning to end.
They see it go down over and over again.
Doors locked and bolted, lips zipped up tight.
Don't stand by the window, don't turn on the light,
till somebody takes notice, a crowd gathers round.
The NEWS crew shoots a nobody gunned down.
Blood draws a crowd fascinated by death.
The chill of the siren as he heaves his last breath.
Tonight at eleven the talks on T.V.
They'll show you the victim, with his blood in the street.
Somebody sees him, the killing hits home.
Tragedy's shudder makes the house start to moan.
Somebody's missing their crying his name.
Somebody's missing who'll take the blame.
The tears turn to anger, the cops turn their backs.
No one's gonna help them, their fallin through the cracks.
The cracks on the mirror, the cracks in the wall.
Crackin like a whip, crackin down on us all.
Cracks on the sidewalk, cracks upside your head.
It gets in the bloodstream crack crack crack crack, your dead.

The ritual candles are fueled by butane
they flicker in doorways to the rock of cocaine.
Best keep that pipe loaded cuz the guns loaded too
and they'll both get emptied when the smoke don't come through.

Somebody shot him, they could care less.
Get somebody down here to mop up this mess

Copyright 1991 John Kidney.
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