15-60-75/Joe Walsh

The gig was at Kent State in the gym, we were opening for Joe Walsh. We did our mandatory forty-five minutes or so, after our mandatory no sound check, then it was time for the main event. I sat in the crowd and checked out J.W. with the rest of the unwashed. Joe was in town for Homecoming, he was in the parade and everything. The era was the late eighties or the early 90's. Joe had obviously been re-living the good ole days with some good ole group of friends for the better part of the good ole day. He was happy to be there, very happy. Great effort was taken to give the concert a Filmore West look, complete with oil, water and food coloring, in a clear glass bowl, sitting on a overhead projector. It gave Joe's presentation a worn out psychedelic feel. Yes, the backdrop was far out. Joe's show waxed nostalgic, then it was over. Life's been good to him so far. My younger brother really wanted to meet J.W. He'd flown in from Jersey just to watch his two older brothers scrape the bottom layer off the big time and rub shoulders with a bonafide rock god. Finding out where J. W. was holding court after the show was no problem. The line forms on the right dear now that Joeys' back in town. We walked to the front of that line pal. Getting past security was a snap, they knew who we were, we were the openers, it's show biz man and there are certain privileges. We reached the groupie holding pen, no sweat. The brothers were ready to penetrate star central, the inner sanctum, the upper room. Joe's manager came to the door of the holding pen and asked who we were. We told him, he disappeared behind the door. He returned in about 5 minutes and told us to leave, then closed the door. I looked into the room as the door shut and made eye contact with the faces of some quasi entertainmant types. Local guys who had known JW way back when. They has come around to see the band a lot in the early days, but now came to see us only when it was fashionable, which wasn't very often. Some people never change. The doors closed, there we were. We stood there and looked at each other for a moment. The security guy was really embarrassed for us. He couldn't bring himself to tell us to leave. Then the door opened and the manager said to security, " I thought I told you to get rid of these guys" then slammed the door. We left. Catch ya next time Joe.

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