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Want to help support The Numbers Band? This is an exciting way for you to help us as we unleash exclusive archival content on you. Welcome to the Numbers Band's Patreon Page. This is the official home for never-before-heard archival live recordings of the band. Over the past year a serious effort has been made to digitize volumes and volumes of live recordings that either exist in the personal archives of band members or have surfaced from other sources. These recordings date back to the very beginnings of the band in 1970 and go all the way up to the present day. 

While we are aware that there are certain recordings of live performances that exist in bootleg form or stream elsewhere online, the purpose of this Patreon page is to stream 100 percent exclusive never-before-heard live recordings -- recordings made in Kent, Cleveland, Akron and elsewhere throughout the band's more than half-century career. 

Over the next several months we will be unveiling soundboards, field recordings, multitracks -- all kinds of sources that have all different kinds of different sound qualities. So be warned that some of what we will roll out will sound pristine and some of what we will put out will sound -- shall we say --- less than pristine. But all of it will be listenable and all of it will be historic and all of it will take you back in time to those bygone nights of music from decades past.

Every other Tuesday we will post at least one hour of never-before-heard music by the band recorded throughout their more than 50 year career. It will likely take the form of a full set of music from some specific night in Numbers Band history. That's what we guarantee for your $2.99 monthly renewable subscription. We'll probably throw some bonus stuff up at random times too but at a very minimum you'll get essentially a brand new set of music every other week.

We are going to slowly build a library of exclusive live content and we want to take you along for this ride.

The money made from this Patreon goes directly to the band. It's a great way to support these artists who have given so much incredible authentic music to the community over the past 50 plus years.
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